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The effect of the industry 4.0 era on your career

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Nowadays, the 4.0 industry era is marked with digitalization and technology. In various sectors, technology cannot be separated; it cannot be separated into humans’ life. It means that technology has an impact on a human’s career as an individual or a company. 

In this era, technology is used to help social work, more than that, slowly but sure it is also changed the way humans work and even replace human tasks in several fields. 

The condition certainly makes humans worry about how their future career goes on. But instead of worrying about that, this is the perfect time to change the anxiety about technology and change it to new opportunities. 

The Effect of The Industry 4.0

Here is the impact of 4.0 industry on human’s career: 

New job opportunities 

It can say that the 4.0 industry transformation had a positive impact on the business sector; thus, economic growth is increasing. Moreover, it also allows the development of jobs beyond imagination. It does not only eliminate some fields of work but also giving adjustments to new branches of work.  

Then, what kind of new branches will industry 4.0 give?

APP developer 

Every company in various fields slowly create an application to convenience its customers. Therefore APP developers are always needed to make what the company wants. 

Web developer

As the internet of thing increasingly high, the company needs a website so their products can be better known and reach more customers. Therefore, the company needs a web developer to focus more on the website. 

Content creator 

A product will be known well in society if it’s packaged perfectly with the advertisement. Thus, it will make people interested in their products. A content creator needs creativity and innovation to make customers want to buy or be curious about a product. 

SEO specialist

A company that relies on digital marketing will need an SEO specialist to boost their presence. The SEO specialist is still a sporadic occupation. Therefore a company is daring to pay a high enough fee for this position. 

Social media specialist 

It is commonly known if society has at least two or more social media right now. It makes a company should be active on social media to get more potential customers. The social media specialist needs to create good content and then analyze the feedback from netizens. 

Learning a new skill 

The dominance of technology in industry 4.0 might become a nightmare for some people. But instead of worrying too much, don’t just stay still!

You should learn a new skill so that your position is not easy to replace. Preparing yourself with various skills according to the technological changes will make yourself someone ready to face the industrial revolution. 

3. Be friends with technology 

Apart from preparing yourself by learning new skills and trying to be friends with technology is one way to face the revolutionary industry era. For example, many fields are filled with artificial intelligence (AI), which may be annoyed for some people. But why do not think the opposite?

Try to study artificial intelligence more deeply and find another side of it so that you can find a new opportunity to support your career. 

Career evolution in industry 4.0 

The development of technology has slowly increasing various work to be more efficient and faster. So it is predicted that the jobs in the future will be more likely to shift in the service sector. Even the world trend shows that the service sector will become the main job in the future.

For example, when technology helps the manufacturing industry’s efficiency, the price of a product will become increasingly more affordable. As a result, humans will not enough to only buy primary needs. Therefore, humans will look for secondary and tertiary needs.  

Humans will start to fulfill their lifestyle needs. Thus, it will encourage the developing other sectors such as tourism, culinary, fashion, and personal care. But keep in mind, these sectors will always need human creativity and intelligence that cannot be replaced by a machine. 

In the end, the industry 4.0 era is currently running, and it cannot be stopped. Humans can do right now is to turn them wisely into a new opportunity to boost their career advancement. Thus, to be more prepared to face the revolutionary industry, prepare yourself by learning new skills, and become tech-savvy. 

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