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The Relationships Between Technology and Business

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Our lives are mostly integrated with technology today. We are surrounded by computers, machines, information technology, and so much more advancements that affect almost every sector of daily lives.

That also counts the business operation in this era – places will never be separated from technology today. Whether it is merely mediating or helping the business or significantly applied for business operation, they all show the strong relationships between the two.

To ensure that we use technology well as a business, let us consider the five relationships between technology and business below.

5 Relationships Between Technology and Business

Here are five relationships between technology and business you need to know:


Data storage is a critical result of technology that plays a significant role in the operation of businesses. In a world where data is our new currency today, having adequate data circulation, analysis, and storage is needed to manage business sales efficiently.

With sufficient data, businesses will first ensure that all their internal data are recorded – the past sales statistics, employee profiles, finance and accounting, and so on. Technologies have enabled this bulk of data to be stored more safely and effectively today.

Besides, businesses can also use this data technology to generate customers’ insights and interests as well as their past shopping records so that businesses can maximize their target marketing and advertising.


Communication is a well-known product of technology which keeps on improving until today. This advanced communication has made both internal and external business relationships much broader and more effective today in businesses.

Businesses can use e-mails and messaging to ensure all staff and business partners can receive messages quickly and accurately, let alone the ability to keep these communication histories substantially. 

In this COVID-19 era, businesses become even more dependent on technical communications like video calls and conferences. We can now still communicate across states and countries despite the isolation and lockdown conditions with less expense.

System management 

Technology, especially information technology with its computers and software, has also improved business system management at a high rate. This is because, for that much data and information a business has, we no longer have to depend on manpower and deal with human errors – the computers have systems to ensure these works’ accuracy.

These technological systems will also make businesses run more productively and on track. The designs play as business operation guidelines – sales, marketing, finance, accounting, and others can all be systemized with technology.

Marketing and advertising

Technology has played a significant role in acing marketing and advertising of businesses. With the increasing accuracy of artificial intelligence (AI), businesses are getting into much stronger relationships with technology to increase customers’ attention and interest in their products.

Social media is now crucial in promoting a business – AI technologies have enabled businesses to compete for the largest engagement possible through social media content. Not to mention that social media has also mediated the capability of generating personalized and targeted advertisements for customers, making it more useful to promote business products on these platforms.

If you are interested in applying this particular technological aspect to your business, make sure to consult them with social media professionals like Kreatif Ninja!


We also witness how technology has improved the security of a business. Not only that, we can physically see more sensors, tracking devices, and surveillance cameras that all help ensure the safety of a business, but technology has also impacted the security of business data.

Today, with most business data being stored virtually, we can use technology to apply more encrypted passcodes to secure these data. Besides, anti-viruses can also be used to prevent damage to the data. However, at the same time, this may also be a boomerang to the data protection itself if not conducted well – the same viruses have also made virtual data more prone to lose and breach. Therefore, it is also crucial for businesses to make sure they use these technologies to consider the possible disadvantages.

These are the five relationships of technology and business we should be aware of in today’s era. Despite being beneficial to business operations, make sure to understand them well to prevent possible risks.

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