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How to Perfect improve online business presence in 2020

online business

Online Business, The rise of the modern era has leading technology to the next level. As you can see, the internet as a part of technology has reached a wide range of everything, including communication, engagement, even a business presence.

By improving online presence, you can reach millions of customers, increase sales level, increase brand loyalty, and steady income. Therefore, you can do some ways to optimize your online presence to grow your business.


An online presence is the existence of a business in an online platform such as search engines and social media. A business that has existence will always easily found on the internet. Thus, the business will reach a wide array of customers and sales. 


There are many ways to start improving online business presence, but some people get confused about where to start. Therefore, here are some ways to improve your online business presence:


Creating a website as an official page of your company will make the customer easier to reach you. Make the domain’s name relevant to your company so customers will find you in the search engine. After creating a website, add valid information about your company, your products or services, and the company information, including address, email, and call center.

It is recommended to make the website a mobile version, not only the desktop version. Nowadays, many people searching a site only from the cellphone, not from a laptop. Therefore, make sure to make it mobile-friendly. 


Social media has been one of the most influential media to grow business online. There are a lot of networking out there to use as a bond with customers. But the question is, how to choose the right social media for your business?

For example, Facebook. Facebook has been popular since 2012, and it can say that this one is the largest networking platform. Every day, massive people use it online. Ideally, the site is using to engage customers and generate leads.

On the other side, LinkedIn targeted to build trust, engage customers, and more professional. Choose the best networking platform that fits with your purpose. Also, consider to make more than one networking platform to boost your business presence.


Content will help you to make more visitors come. Give informative content to attracts more visitor, but remember to keep the content integrated with your company purpose and figure out topics relevant to your product or services. 

Always figure out how to make valuable and sharable content. Whether in website, blog, or social media, valuable content should be posted regularly and consistently. If your platform consists of valuable content, it will lead people to follow you and make your company more exist. 

You can also increase company presence by making an exclusive event such as exclusive deals, promos, and others. The exclusive events often make people interested in opening your platform. 


Building communication with customers is not an easy job. Communicate with customers is not only about promos, product information, and other related to the product of services but also personal communication. Creating a long-lasting connection will build customer’s trust and automatically increase brand loyalty.

Communication also needed to build a relationship with the other business owner with the same niche as yours. Figure out an online community that shares the same goal and same interest as yours. Then, try to build communication and be active. You can have more experience, friends, and ideas from its community to make unique content for your company. 


Social media has a strong influence than you might think. Networking platforms might be the best tools to reach new customers and improve your presence. In order to gain more customers, you have to post content regularly, respond to the comments and others. 

An online presence is crucial nowadays because most people are focusing on an online business platform. A business will have an exist presence based on the searchable in search engines and massive customers. Therefore, you should do some strategy to maintain the company’s existence. Consistency, great content, and several factors will make your company reached by many customers. If you offer after-hours services, eg for plumbing emergencies or IT support, include a call-out number on your homepage.

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