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the Positive Impact Of COVID-19 For Online Business

The Positive Impact Of COVID-19 For Online Business

Positive impact of COVID-19 since last year, the world has been shocked by a global virus named Coronavirus or COVID-19. This virus came from Wuhan city in China. The virus becomes a global pandemic in a short time. The virus attacks the human respiratory system, which can disrupt pneumonia to death. 

In a moment, a massive number of people have occurred by this virus. Therefore, people protect themselves hardly by staying at home and not doing any outdoor activities. 

For that, the government makes rules to keep everyone safe, such as avoid contact and physical distancing. The rules are command people to be careful about touching each other, touching objects, and made a direct transaction. 

The rules also command people to have at least one meter to stand each other. The rules also command workers to change their activity at work into a home-based work. Students also get an impact from the viruses by studying online. 

COVID-19 Change The Way of Life 

The pandemic has changed a lot of the way people live. People no longer go outside for just a reason; they need tons of reasons to make them go, the positive impact of COVID-10 thus changing a lot of things, such as:  

Buying daily needs 

Before the pandemic crisis, people used to walk or drive to buy daily needs, especially foods through offline stores. But nowadays, looking at the crisis, the activity of the people had begun to change. 

Because of its potential to attack human health, people flock to save themselves at home. So, people buy food through an online store. 

More hygiene lifestyle 

People try to implement a more hygiene lifestyle, such as clean the use more often. Besides, people keep in mind to bring hand sanitizer and wear masks while outside. Not only that, but people also wash face, hand, feet even immediately take a shower after going out. 

Social distance with each other. 

People are not in touch with others while in public areas such as public transportation, malls, and others. No more hugging and shaking hands. 

Payment transaction

People used to pay with money in a store before the pandemic, but now, they choose to pay online such as e-wallet, m-banking, and atm. 

Limited gathering, parties, and wedding

The government has the rules to organize an event with many guests. The government demands restrictions on guests and physical distancing in every event so that the environment will become cleaner, healthier, and more sanitary. 

Working and studying online 

The government also makes the rules to avoid face to face contact while studying or working. Therefore, meetings, seminars, discussions, and learning are doing online. 

The Positive Impact of COVID-19 In Online Business

In the middle of the negative impact of the virus, there is also a positive impact that affects online businesses. During the crisis, online business is growing more, especially in the health sector. Not only health but also foods, vegetables, and fruits sector. 

Honestly, before the coronavirus rises, online business has been a perfect option for those who want to shop at home. Many people like to buy online for its flexible time, a wide range of choices, and more manageable payment. 

The existence of online business proves that technology plays a vital role in people’s lives in the digital era. In the 4.0 industry, the rise of technology has made everything easier to do, for instance, shopping online, studying, and even working online. If you offer after-hours services, eg for plumbing emergencies or IT support, include a call-out number on your homepage.

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