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Web Design! 5 Easy Tips to Maximize Your Company

web design

Web design in today’s era, where digitization has reached almost every aspect of a business, having an outstanding company website should now be considered among the top priorities of your business’ marketing plans.

People no longer expect printed brochures and catalogs these days. People would most likely prefer having access to a company’s information with just one click on the Internet. Thus, companies that have efficiently moved online and generate their websites have undoubtedly managed to attract more customers out there.

That is why it becomes increasingly important for a company to dedicate more effort to improving its website design. With a professional-looking, creative, and attractive web design, customers will gain more satisfying experience in browsing about your company. 


There are at least four main aspects of a company web design that will most likely fulfill customers’ experience:

  1. Appearance: aim for the most modern design trends as possible – big and bold fonts, responsive design codes for any device, eye-catching images, and other multimedia.
  2. Professionalism: include a culture page, photos of staff, and customer results.
  3. Clarity: improve your navigation styles!
  4. Load time: don’t make them wait too long – optimize image sizes, remove auto-play multimedia, and use white spaces.


That being said, here are the five easy, clear steps to ensure your web design adheres to the five aspects above!


It is very important to ensure that your company’s branding on the website is professional – simple but classy, defining a high-quality business. 

Firstly, be consistent with your web’s appearance! Generate the theme’s consistency by simply using colours which match your brand logo. Also, decide on one or two fonts which you would like to use consistently throughout the website – do avoid too fancy fonts.

Manage to use relevant graphic and other multimedia – do not drop in random complementary images which do not suit your website. If required, hiring a website design company will also be beneficial to maintain your website’s professionalism.


Regardless of the beauty of your web design, by the end of the day, showcasing clear content will still be very important in maximizing your company website. The content is the main thing customers look for, after all!

To display your products and services clearly with satisfactory images where needed. Give your customers great impressions on the products you sell, so they will be interested in purchasing them!

You can also adopt well-known navigation styles to mediate this clarity! Many companies are using the Breadcrumb navigation – clicking on new pages will automatically add the previous pages to a navigation bar for visitors to return easily. The drop-down menu is also a great choice – it lets customers view the overall pages available by clicking on a menu title.


Who likes to wait? Clearly, nobody!

Time is money, even for your soon-to-be customers. Making them wait and merely see the loading symbols will bring you to another loss of potential customers – we are all impatient, aren’t we?

To ensure this will not happen, you should look for the right server infrastructure, bandwidth, and supportive hosts. There are various answers to this, depending on your needs, so make sure you pay attention when looking for one!

Another simpler thing you can do is avoid a graphically intense design, which takes longer to load. Removing auto-play multimedia will also prevent customers from using a big amount of data when surfing into your website.


Your prospective customers may be searching for your product from scratch keywords through Google. Ensuring an SEO-friendly website will put your website on top of their Google search!

To fulfill the basic SEO, you can ensure your site is uncluttered – not too much information. Use proper URLs, sitemap, and suitable keywords.

It is also proven that providing more variations of your content with qualitative and quantitative data can also improve your website’s index in the search engines!

Don’t forget to pay attention to your headlines – they may be the first line customers see before even clicking to your website. Make sure it is catchy and relevant to your content!


Last but not least, in terms of aesthetics, you should definitely work on a simple yet unique design. Great designs are always plus points – people also judge through appearances very much.

Use a design that reflects your brand with an impressive homepage to catch viewers’ attention. Remember to keep it simple!

If you happen to use any website templates, they will resemble many other websites that people have made. If your design will not be unique and iconic to the customers – it will also impact your branding. So, design one as authentic as possible – it will become more memorable to viewers.

Again, hiring a website design company might be an option to consider. Spending some to gain back, later on, will perhaps be a worthy choice. If you offer after-hours services, eg for plumbing emergencies or IT support, include a call-out number on your homepage.

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