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5 Tips How to Make an business Logo for Your Small Business

business logo

Are you interested in launching your own small business in this new normal era? Make sure not to forget the importance of a logo!

A logo is a critical element of a business. Business logo, in particular, very crucial to the quality of your business’ branding. Although it may seem to only look like an icon, that icon will say something about your business. It may even define people’s judgement towards your business. Plus, it can also improve people’s impression of your business in the first place.

That being said, no doubt making an outstanding logo should come on top of your list as soon as you have decided on your business’ name and the products or services you provide. There can be many symbolic and metaphoric logo ideas or meaningful yet straightforward ideas; it is increasingly important to ensure that your logo looks appealing because it will stand firmly as your brand identity.


Here are five tips to make a perfect logo for your business: 


As the owner of your small business, you should first make sure that you yourselves have been very familiar with your business brand. This includes not only the products or services you sell but also your particular target customers and what expectations you want to give them regarding your small business.

Knowing your brand will determine your logo’s style and tone. Should it be classy or rather fancy? Should it be simple, or more elements will make it more appealing? Even for the choice of colours and fonts, they should all match with your business’ brand and market.


The colours that you choose for your logo is not a one-hit decision – it is something you should think over and over again because it will later become your business’ colour theme!

The colour palette you pick for your logo will firstly send your brand’s message, whether it is energetic, calm, or aggressive – and again, this has to suit your target market. You won’t let your logo be of a colour which your target market hates. Therefore, do some research about colour-picking beforehand.

We all know that it is essential to develop online platforms for businesses during this pandemic – your business will be judged from this. In this sense, the colour palette you choose for your logo will also determine the colour theme of your social media page. Don’t make the two contrastive of each other – be consistent with this to improve your online branding. So, make sure to have the right colour choice for your logo!


Fonts work the same way with colouring. While it should also suit your target market, choosing the mistaken fonts will bring down the quality of your logo.

There are many kinds of fonts – calligraphy, old school, bold, fancy, and much more. Make sure your choice of fonts is suitable for your target market. Should it be child-friendly, or should it be clearer for the elderlies?

Meanwhile, if you are capable of choosing unique fonts, it will even work better! See how Disney, Coca-Cola, and other big brands have also managed to brand their fonts. Today, if you see words typed in a Disney-like font, you will think about Disney first-hand before even reading the message! Thus, if you are successful in establishing a logo with such memorable font, your business’ brand will as well be outstanding!


Simple logo is more likely to be eye-catching and very much easier to remember. Nike, Adidas, Pepsi – they all include tiny elements and colours. Don’t overload your logo!

Making your logo simple can be applied by adhering to points number 2 and 3 – keep your colours down to one or two, and your fonts as simple as needed. Also, you can consider not overcrowding your logo design. Give space and be neat and clean!


In the near future, your business logo may have to be used for other designs like brochures and advertisements. It is essential to make sure that it is scalable from the very first time you design it.

While the resolution of your logo does matter, you also have to consider whether your logo will still look as impressive when scaled up to larger dimensions or when it is placed in a small size. Making your logo scalable can also mean by making it generally adjustable and suitable when put together with other elements in a brochure or advertisement.

Once you decided to show the face of your brand into the world, you need to create the ideal basis of what your brand needs, such as a business logo. By setting the right style, including colour, font and overall look, it will make your brand achieve more interest in society. If you offer after-hours services, eg for plumbing emergencies or IT support, include a call-out number on your homepage.

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