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4.0 Industry Revolution: What is it?

4.0 Industry via

There are some phases of revolution in the industry, and there are four phases so far. And what is more, affecting today’s industry is the 4.0 industry Revolution. But it is also a term that not all people understand or even ever heard about. And here are some explanations about it!

What is the 4.0 Industry Revolution?

4.0 Industry Revolution may or maybe not that common term to many people. What is it? 4.0 Industry is one term referring to the fourth industrial revolution that is also represented as a new phase of the organization and focuses mainly on machine learning, interconnectivity, automation, and even real-time data. The 4.0 industry Revolution is completing or expanding what the third industrial revolution started with. 4.0 Industry Revolution is optimizing computer adoption and automation.

There are three other phases before it comes to the 4.0 industry revolution, the digital era. The first industrial revolution is the industry time during the late 1700s and 1800s. In that time, the industry was focusing on manual human labor and was aided by animal work. And to get the more optimized performance, water and steam-powered machine were used.

The second industrial revolution was marked by the introducing the electricity and steel of factories and industries in the early 20th century. The electricity is helped the manufacture optimized. By electrical machines, the work becomes more efficient in many ways. 

Further, the Computer marked the third industrial revolution is an introduction to help the work more efficient. In this phase, the analog was less used, and everything starts to become digitalized. And then, the 4.0 industry revolution is taking the Computer as more optimized. It also makes the work done more efficiently and quickly. 4.0 industry revolution also mention as the digital transformation. 

Computerization optimizing of 4.0 Industry Revolution

Just like what is stated above, that the 4.0 Industry Revolution is taking what the third industrial revolution was started. And the Computer was first accepted as one opportunity to industrial revolution during the third phase of the industrial revolution.

Further, in the 4.0 Industry Revolution, the use of computers has been optimized. It is not like everything done through the Computer. It’s more likely the more upgraded version of using a computer for work.

If in the beginning, the Computer is the only machine used to do some of the things needed during the manufacturing and all the processes, in the 4.0 industry revolution computer is being something more. It is a new phase when the cyber-physical connection is possible. 

The Internet has become one factor that optimizes the computerization of the industry. It is also digitally making anything possible. As known that right knows, all things are connected digitally, increasing the possibility of sharing any information that will affect the power of the industry 4.0.

Industry 4.0 application

As have been discussed before, that industry 4.0 is the digital transformation. The revolution has brought immerse changes to the industrial system. Start from how the smart machine replaces the analog and other traditional machines. 

Nowadays, you can see how technology, which is also the smart machine is expanded and has become the most crucial part of the manufacturing and any other area of industry. One of them is the efficiency to identifies. The machine is known to become the upgrade to a smarter technology that results in a more significant opportunity to identify and inform such things related to the manufacturing process and industry-related.

The smarter technology also applying in many other aspects that make all the work in the industry perform faster and better. Having those intelligent technologies is not affecting in reducing social work. It is just a way to alleviate some work to make it efficient.

Finally, it can state that the 4.0 industry revolution is a phase where the revolution comes to a smarter and more modern industry phase. This industrial revolution is some digital transformation when everything possible. This phase of revolution also results in a more efficient, faster, and better work and result.

The 4.0 industry revolution has been applying in many aspects of the industrial area, including the value chain, smart machine used, and many other elements. And it is sure are a digital era that will be leading to a better phase ahead. 

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