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Getting know about the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Industrial Revolution

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Industrial Revolution is a common material at school. Most are study this thing at school. You may remember how your teacher explained the Industrial Revolution. What you may don’t know is that there are some different phases of the Industrial Revolution. Further, here will discuss more the industrial revolution phases, which are the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th industrial Revolution. Here you are!

The 1st Industrial Revolution

The Industrial Revolution was beginning in the 1700s. It was marking the 1st industrial Revolution. What was the 1st Industrial Revolution all about? As you may know, what the Industrial Revolution means was when the manufacturing had expanded the technique to get it more efficient.

In the 1st Industrial Revolution, there are no smart technology or a machine like the 3rd and 4th industrial Revolution. In this phase, there is mostly manual human labor that was used in the manufacturing process. And there is no digitals record about any data that make anything manual.

Even though some machine is used during the manufacturing process, the machine was mostly run by the steam power or water movement. They are also benefitting from animal power to make the work faster and easier. So, in this phase, the focus was on human labor with traditional machines and animals’ power.

The 2nd Industrial Revolution

At the first time of the 20th century, manufacturing was introduced to electricity and steel. This was the marking point of the 2nd industrial Revolution. If there is a steamed machine in the 1st Industrial Revolution to help the manufacturing process, there are more modern machines introduced in this phase.

With the introduction of the electricity and the steel material, the machine has also become more modern, and it has electricity on it. It means that the machine is no longer run by steam or other power like human power, animal, or even the water.

In more modern factories, using the electrifying machine was chosen. It is making the manufacturing process more efficient in many ways. There is less risk to the employee; it will make any process of manufacturing better and faster. So, it can be stated that in this 2nd phase was the beginning of the machine era of manufacturing resulted in the 4th industrial Revolution nowadays.

The 3rd Industrial Revolution

You may have been understood that this phase was the root of any technology transformation in the 4th industrial Revolution. The machine that has been optimized in the 2nd phase was introduced to a computer that has made the machine more beneficial.

The computer that is also the result of the development of electricity has to impact the manufacturing process significantly. Even there is no such AI technology initially, but the computer was used to do any work related to data easier and more efficient to do.

The computer system did a lot of works. And there also many things that can be done while working the data, identifying items, and many others by the computer.

The 4th Industrial Revolution

The computer that has been introduced in the 3rd phase was helpful enough in many ways, but in the 4th Industrial Revolution, the computer has become another class of technology. If there are still computer-human connectivity in the 3rd phase, it is possible to have a computer–computer connectivity in the 4th industrial Revolution.

In the 4th Industrial Revolution, you may understand that everything was digitalized. The human manual labor used to be run digitalized to make it work better and faster. The human just become the operator to make sure everything has done in the right way.

Not only the machine that has been digitalized, but there are also many benefits in the 4th industrial Revolution. The company may be sharing any information with others from anywhere at any time. It means that there is no border in the 4th industrial Revolution.

In conclusion, you understand that the industrial Revolution was facing a 4th different phase. There is 1st industrial Revolution that focuses on human labor, the 2nd phase introduced to electricity and steel, the 3rd industrial Revolution introduced to the computer, and the 4th industrial Revolution that optimized the computer from the 3rd phase.

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