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The Best Marketing Plan to Keep Your Customer Loyalty During Lockdown

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As we know, several countries have imposed lockdown or physical distancing since the COVID-19 pandemic, which began in December 2019. Many businesses have become lonely and have lost loyal customers. People’s purchasing power has also decreased, many workers have lost their jobs, and there are many more impacts resulting from lockdown. Countries that have implemented a lockdown are like experiencing economic paralysis for several months.

When the physical distancing and lockdown policies of several countries were revoked, new problems emerged. Loyal customers have abandoned many businesses. There is still a fear of people buying specific products and using certain services, and there is skepticism from potential buyers of a particular industry.

As a result, economic activity did not run smoothly before the COVID-19 pandemic. Then, what is the best marketing plan to keep your customer loyalty during a lockdown?

Marketing Plans to Benefit Your Customer During Lockdown

Yes, you read the headings right. Not only to benefit your business, but the most ultimate marketing plan is also to satisfy your customers. When your customers feel the benefit of your services or products, they will be loyal to you even in a harsh situation, such as lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Make some competitions or positive behavior. You can start on your website or social media regarding your service or products. Make sure that your customers can do the activity at home. Let them understand how your products may benefit the customer during the lockdown and realize through this campaign.

Stay Connected and Alive Through Social Media

Lockdowns policy may apply to the country, but it should not ‘lockdown’ your business marketing. Arrange the schedule to post your products through social media and websites. Follow some customers or ask for an endorsement from artists or social media influences.

Let your customers that your business is fully operational so that they have no reason not to use yours and change their products or services to other brands. Add up the advertisement, for example, COVID-19 related advertisement, so that your customers may relate their condition and appealed to buy your products or use your services.

Maximize E-Commerce Marketing

Due to lockdown, many people cannot go outside freely to buy their needs. This is your opportunity to expand your online business. One of those is through e-commerce marketing. According to the survey on customer behavior, there is a significant change in customer shops, from offline to online services.

Maximizing your e-commerce marketing is beneficial for your business. Let customers know that you are also starting sales via e-commerce. Besides, working with e-commerce will usually get you a special discount.

Follow the development of e-commerce from your business and stay updated with various attractive offers from e-commerce, such as special discounts and postage discounts. Send messages through your business’s social media or by calling your customers’ private numbers with short notes to know about the news of these exciting discounts and offers. They will be very interested in buying your product if there is an attractive offer from e-commerce.

Lockdown is the key!

In times like this, lockdown is the key! Spread a message that contains empathy from your business towards those affected by COVID-19. Make your customers see that you care about their existence more than just them as a customer and as a member of your business’s extended family, which contributes to your business’s progress. This will certainly make them even closer to your business. You have to start to see the obstacle for your business as an enabling force to keep your business up!

Keeping your customers loyal is not an easy matter. At a time when many businesses lose their customers, becoming a sustainable business is a challenge for your business people. By listening and understanding your customers and doing what they want, your business will be saved. Keep in mind that a society-oriented business never fails.

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