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The Primary Industry 4.0 Challenge for Business

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Industry 4.0 is an upcoming trend of automatization and data exchange in a factory’s technology. This term refers to the cyber-physic system, internet of things (IoT), cloud computation, and cognitive computation. In this era, business is expected to be ‘Smart Business.’

Industry 4.0 does not only bring business an opportunity to develop faster in this era, but also bring obstacles and challenges for those which are not ready. In this article, we would like to take a peek of what challenges are actually heading our way in business for industry 4.0.

Industry 4.0 Challenges: Ready or Not?

Companies from around the globe are welcoming industry 4.0. They are trying to adapt to new technologies, information, and system, which they cling to for more than a decade. Indeed, it is tough to proceed. Moreover, they need to add their personnel and IT workers to apply changes and ensure that the company may keep up with industry 4.0.

So here are industry 4.0 challenges we must be ready to face.

Security Concern

In the industry 4.0 era, every data, workflow, and system is preferably stored on the internet to help companies have stacks of paperwork, which are very prone to damage and loss. The fact that the internet is not entirely safe for companies is not a new thing. Since companies chose to open their data to the internet, they also have to be ready for the possibility of security concerns.

That is why companies have to get their big data secured. A good security system needs a differential approach and collaboration. An IT team needs to be established to discuss the possibility of data leakage, hacking, or system malformation. Cyber threats need to be taken seriously so that your business will not be bothered to lose any data or get hacked.

Putting your data on the internet is safe from loss and space-free, but it also brings security concerns.

Skill Gaps between Workers

Another primary industry 4.0 challenge for business is skill gaps between workers. There are many types of workers in a company, starting from tech-savvy ones to the ones who are clueless about technology. This is very likely to happen because workers may come from different social classes, different ages, and access to another technology.

It is the responsibility of the company to provide adequate training for their workers. This training can be provided in the form of workshops, field practice, or guiding for workers to run the system in a new way, the industry 4.0 way.

The skill of technology gaps between workers is no longer an obstacle for the business to grow up, but a chance to give the workers adequate education about technology and empower the workers through it.

Changes in Market Segment

For the last five years, many people tend to start buying things online. It is easier for customers since they do not have to get out of their house to spend hours finding what they need at the store. They have the convenience of the online market place to comfort them. Thus, companies that cannot keep up with the new market segment online will lose their customers who prefer to buy other brands online.

Companies need to prepare for the new market segment online, starting to build their website online to market products, join the e-commerce system, and increase their marketing strategy online. This is actually a great deal of opportunity to sell your products even more than what you can trade in the store. Hire some marketing people who are experienced in search engine optimization and website enhancer, so that they could help you to be known by online customers.

Let us see the primary industry 4.0 challenges not as a threat to your business, but rather to be a chance to fix your business better. With divine steps and robust business strategy, companies will be developed better even more with the convenience of industry 4.0.

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