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Don’t miss it! Industry 4.0 Skills that Everyone Should Have

Industry 4.0 Skills via

Industry 4.0 – or also called the fourth industrial revolution, according to Forbes, is a significant industrial transformation regarding renewing in manufacturing. This renewing refers to the digitalization of manufacturing. This is an opportunity for every production process involves digital machine and automatization.

Looking back towards what-so-called Industry 1.0, when water and steam power were used widely in industry, it represents electricity’s entrance into the industrial process. We have stepped our foot so far to reach an era where technology enters the industrial revolution. Industry 4.0 should be an opportunity, more than a burden.

Industry 4.0: More than Just Computers

Now that industry 4.0 is an upgrade to the industry 3.0, where computers have been widely introduced to the industrial process, then industry 4.0 should be more of it. Talking about industry 4.0 is talking about how computers are integrated, in sort of ways, to do what human-kind should do. Talking about industry 4.0 is about digitalization, integration, and artificial intelligence, where computers can ‘communicate’ to each other to make an integrated system.

While many companies reject the fact of industry 4.0, this era is still coming in our way. Rejection and denial of this era mean a set-back to your industry. Rather than that, choosing to embrace it and enhancing your skills to face it seems to be the very best option these days.

Industry 4.0 Skills that Everyone Should Have

Later, in industry 4.0, people will be working alongside the computer. Instead of worrying about being ‘replaced’ by them, people should be thinking about how to ‘control’ them to benefit the industry. Moreover, the era seems to be accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic era. People are very restricted from working and doing stuff; the sector is running online and digital. That’s why industry 4.0 skills are vital to be learned.

Here are some skills everyone should have to face industry 4.0:


First, it is crucial to understand your specialization before you start making an effort to master a particular skill. By understanding the field of your job, you can find a job that is suitable for your skills. Remember that you do not apply for a job that is different from your expertise. So, it is crucial to know who you are and what you are capable of so that you could work maximum for your field.


In the industrial era 4.0, when you can’t operate a computer, don’t expect you to get job opportunities easily or with a decent income. Today, almost all industries require the use of technology and the internet. Everything will be done digitally. The industry will not bother to accept you without this skill.

Moreover, you should be able to upgrade your IT skills in order to be a tech-savvy. The industry will be more likely to choose you with upgraded IT skills, rather than only able to operate Microsoft Office. Having the advantage of tech-savvy can make you stand out of any other workers:

Ability to cooperate

In this era, you should have a good cooperating skill and collaboration between you and your colleagues. You have an ability which your colleagues do not, and vice versa. Rather than being competitive, it is good to cooperate with your colleagues and divide your work-burden with them. The ability to collaborate at work in a team is essential for industry 4.0.


It is essential to be productive these days. Use your time to work as useful as possible to do things related to work. Make sure you can achieve the goal set for you and meet your deadlines. Being a productive worker will be beneficial for your work, and indeed your boss will like it.

Etiquette at work

Last but not least, having etiquette at work is very important. When you are productive, well-determined, and tech-savvy, it will be a total waste if you do not have decency. This is very simple, such as never coming late at work, being honest at your job, loyal and friendly to your boss and colleagues.

Industry 4.0 is here to help our industry. Instead of worry about being replaced by machine and digitalization, you should choose to enhance your skills to survive this era and be outstanding at what you do.

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