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The Trend of the Internet and Technology 4.0 in New Zealand

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All companies in the world are experiencing the entry of an industry update, namely industry 4.0. Marked by the start of industry 4.0 in the 21st century, the internet and technology are a big part of the production, distribution, and consumption. The fact that industry 4.0 happening is inevitable. This is including in New Zealand.

Callaghan industry is one of New Zealand’s big innovation industries. For over 20 years, the Callaghan industry ensures that more than 2,500 other New Zealand industries are supported by the latest internet and technology. More than 200 innovating scientists and engineers are working on board and determine about 60% income from business expenditure in 2017.

In other words, Callaghan Industry provides support for the industry to prepare them to welcome Industry 4.0, with internet and technology. So, what is the Callaghan industry doing for the industry all around New Zealand? What trend of the internet and technology 4.0 in New Zealand is happening?

The Internet and Technology 4.0 Update in New Zealand

From the recent press release in Kiwi – the capital city of New Zealand, it was said that companies in New Zealand are welcoming Industry 4.0 open-handedly. There had been an Industry 4.0 Demonstration Network in Kiwi to show how to practically update the internet and technology used in New Zealand industries to prepare the business owner for the new era.

Recently, many companies and firms in New Zealand have tried to enhance their ability on the internet and technology. These companies are doing fusion with some tech-savvy companies and collaborating to enable them to survive the industry 4.0. Moreover, many IT workers’ job vacancies are opened all across the globe to fulfill the need for an industrial update with technology in New Zealand.

The fact that the internet and technology 4.0 update happening in New Zealand is good. Many companies are trying to upgrade their technology sectors, production process, and internet integration. These efforts are beneficial for their business since the industry 4.0 upgrade helps industries remain in global competition.

Internet and Technology 4.0 Initiatives in New Zealand

Internet and technology 4.0 initiatives in New Zealand have become a vast turnover for New Zealand manufactures. There are several new programs applied to the internal process of the company. This has led to the unique mechanism of production in New Zealand. What is the trend of the internet and technology 4.0 that has been done in New Zealand?

Internet of Things

Internet of Things (IoT) is the network connecting many objects into one integrated system. Internet of Things is purposed to connect and data exchange and makes the possible wireless connection, control system, and automation of the manufacturing process.

Internet of Things may set a massive manufacturing process one at a time. It is possible to do production without human-help. It is also possible to control the process, operators, and service information to optimize production.

Digital Twinning

Digital twinning is a tool to match the prototype of your product to real production. This is beneficial for mass production by a big company. You do not need to spend more time and resources controlling for the production process, since the internet and technology may create a real-time production based on the model you made earlier. Digital twinning is a state-of-the-art innovation being widely used in New Zealand right now.

Robots and automation

To even increase more precision of the production process to the model provided, there are robots and automation to do the workers’ job controlling manufacture. Robots and automation increase efficiency and precision in your production process. Even more, this tool can reduce safety risks, which may be encountered by workers in a company. This is also time-saving since you can automize all things which usually be done manually.

The trend of the internet and technology evolving in New Zealand can be a very amazing role model of industry 4.0 in other places. As the initiator, New Zealand has shown a very effective and tech-savvy manufacturing process.

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