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Top Small Businesses Advice: Staying Active During Lockdown

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This complete lockdown brought by the COVID-19 pandemic has indeed decreased our business productivity. Many activities we used to align with are now restricted, and we should put in more efforts to bring our business into adaptation for this lockdown condition.

However, the engine should keep running. Like it or not, the business should stay active despite the lockdown. It may not be easy, but it is not impossible. Here is the top advice on making your small business remain active during the lockdown.

5 Small Business Advice To Stay Active During Lockdown

Here are five advice pieces to stay active during a lockdown:

Create or Sell New Products

A fresh look is always more engaging, both to you and your customers. Having new products, whether your creation or others, will increase your business productivity!

A practical idea for the new products may be associating them with the new normal essentials like masks and hand sanitizers. However, that does not limit the option. You can also adjust your pre-existing products into a more lockdown-themed, but exciting way! This will create more dynamic to your business activity, something that will make your business stand out in the middle of this condition.

Work On Online Service 

Integrating your small business with adequate online service is something almost obligatory today to keep your business active. Though moving on to the new normal, many people still prefer online shopping where possible.

Adapting to the online realm is not a one-day process. There are many things to work on, like developing your social media, online advertisements, web page, and many more. Having your online business well-developed will undoubtedly maintain your business productivity in this new normal era. But if you are not so sure about how to manage this modern platform, make sure to seek help from professionals like Kreatif Ninja! 

Offer Vouchers and Promotions

Aside from moving online, our society today is also increasingly in need of promotions and discounts! Well, who doesn’t?

Offering promotions does not mean cutting off your income. Offering promotions should be more advantageous to you – you should consider the limitations of your discounts and the particular restrictions. Make them as engaging as possible by which customers will be intrigued to purchase more with the so-guaranteed discounts. Not only that, you will bring your business to stay active in the face of your customers, but you can then gain more income!

Provide Clear Delivery Options

With online business, it is essential for you also to consider providing clear and sufficient delivery options. First, they don’t like to wait too long. Second, they want to feel sure that their purchased products will arrive safely.

Keep these in mind and manage to provide these options for your customers. You can simply use existing services available but enhanced with efficient tracking, or you can even give the delivery service on your own! Either way, make sure your customers can feel guaranteed that their goods will come safe and sound.

Stay Connected 

When talking about being active, of course, that counts actively engaging with society. Do not be socially passive as a business; establishing friendly, updated communication with people will create a sense of belonging for your business!

One of the ideas to perform this is obviously through social media. Post regularly and ensure that your customers’ inquiries are all addressed so that your customers feel that you are conducting proper communications with them. 

Also, you may as well consider the features offered by the social media itself – for instance, Instagram has been publishing the supporting small business feature, which can promote people’s favorite small business by the use of stickers on their stories. If you can grab their sense of connection, you can as well have a bunch of people posting about your business under this feature every day, and that will surely spread the word!

These are all the top advice on how to stay active with your small business during this pandemic. We are all moving rather slowly these days, but don’t get stuck too long! Perform this advice and get back on track. 

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