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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Technologies in Manufacturing

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4.0 Industry Revolution has brought a great change of Technologies, mainly in the technologies in Manufacturing. As you should have known that smart technologies have become the most thing in this phase. And the technological advancement is also bringing the two side of it, the advantages and the disadvantages. And here you will be discussed about both the advantages and disadvantages of technologies in Manufacturing. Here you go!

The Advantages of Technologies in Manufacturing

The development of technologies isn’t something that just happened without any precise goal. It is something that is cultivated because it is something important for the industry. So, it is clear that there are advantages that come with the advancement of technologies. And here are some advantages of Technologies in Manufacturing.

Increase of the Quality and reduce of human error

The first thing that advantages the technologies in Manufacturing is the increase in the Quality of the products. It is true that when there are technologies, it is more effective and better work and product that will be a result. 

It is meaning that the Quality of the products and also the work of Manufacturing will be increasing. With the technologies, it can set the boundary of the Quality for each product. It is also reducing the human error that the manual worker may be done.

Drop the Cost of Operation

What more advantages from the technologies in Manufacturing are it can drop the cost of Operation. It can reduce the risk in the term of cost so, and it can be expanded in another thing to get the company bigger and better.

With the technologies of Manufacturing, the cost of employing human manual labour will also reduce. Technologies can do many works. Even the mailing thing and identifying things can be taken care of by smart technology.

Reducing The time of Production

Just like what it said before, that the Quality would be increased, the technologies of Manufacturing will also advantage in reducing the time of Production. With those smart machines and kinds of stuff, it also means that what to do will finish at no time.

It is also clear that a machine is not an alive ting that needs resting too much. Unlike manual human labour, the smart machine maybe just needs to be taken care of once every couple of weeks. So, it means that the time of Production will also be reduced. 

Disadvantages of Technologies in Manufacturing

Nothing is coming just in an advantage side; it will also be coming with the disadvantages side. So do the technologies of Manufacturing, here are some disadvantages of technologies in Manufacturing.

Limited Creativity (in Production)

In Producing something, the machine is faster, but it is not that good when it comes to creativity. If the machine did all the work, it means that there is no possibility to know if something wasn’t right in the Production or if there may need improvement.

What the machine does is just what it had been told to do. So, with those advantages, it still a lack that may become a problem. If there was manual labour, the employee might be detected if something was wrong or needs improvement. 

Environmental Issue

For a long time, an environmental issue was a big problem that becomes bigger. The case was started mostly when the industrial revolution began. And with the machine that used, and there are increasing in the number of the machine. Certainly, Pollution will also affect the environment.

Unemployment issue

As discusses above, the technologies in Manufacturing are reducing human error. One of the causes is that there aren’t needed to much human labour to operate their factory. It may be simpler to be one operator for some machines. So, it also means that unemployment will be increasing, since there is a machine that takes over the work.

Finally, it can be concluded that technologies in Manufacturing, as one of the results from the 4.0 industry revolution can be a great development or it can be a bad one. It now depends on how the company uses and rules the technologies so it can be harmful to others. Technologies in Manufacturing should bring great advantages for the human being.

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