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The Effect of 4.0 Industry Environment in Society

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Being in the midst of a society, the industry environment will definitely have an impact on society. Since the industrial revolution occurred, the industry has been continuously being upgraded to become part of meeting society’s needs. The industry is a part of society and will continue to be.

The innovation and novelty brought by the environment industry change people’s lives and lifestyles. Now, fulfilling the existing demand in society is much easier than before, with the internet and online services. The industry also makes it easier to find potential markets that are profitable for its business. The impact of the 4.0 industry environment is not only one-way but two-way benefits between business and society.

This time we will discuss the effect of the 4.0 industry environment in society. What impacts did industry 4.0 have? Check this out!

Effect of 4.0 Industry Environment on Society

With all processes carried out by automation, all processes are running dozens of times faster, more effective, and less manpower than usual. Some examples from this industrial environment are very beneficial to mankind, but is it true that all these effects bring benefits? What about the workers who have to be replaced by machines in Industry 4.0?

Detail customization

With machine tools integrated into the internet, detailed customization is not impossible to do. In fact, with direct integration into the internet, the creative industry is helped by new ideas and limitless creations.

Fewer shops and more online customers

Industry 4.0 brings us to a world connected to the internet. This also applies to offline shops and stores. Many customers choose to shop online, so to follow this trend, business people must start thinking about marketing their goods online, looking for ways to sell their goods online, and supported by reasonable quality shipping. That way, consumers will be more satisfied with online goods purchasing services, with purchase rates much higher than before. The industry can also reach possible customers in all parts of the country, even to international customers.

‘Blockchain’ technology

Blockchain technology is basically a chain that connects systems of recording data on the internet. The blockchain technology makes sure that customers’ data, shopping data, shipping data, etc. in a database. The benefit of technology is to make sure that customers’ data is safe and secured.

Moreover, blockchain technology may connect customers to their preferences pretty quickly. For example, if the customer is looking for a pair of shoes online, the system may connect the customer to a suggestion to the thing they are looking for. This system is also beneficial to the industry, since they may get more customers looking for the exact products we are producing.

Industry Environment: What Next?

We have seen how the environmental industry has supported the lives of the surrounding communities. We have easier access to products and services from the industry. After a challenge in industry 4.0 – during the COVID-19 pandemic, what is next in the industry environment?


With the development of technology, it is not possible that robots could replace man. Automatization and integration with the system are much more convenient and efficient. It is very beneficial to have robots more than men. Moreover, it could protect workers from the work accident.

Should workers be worried about the upcoming robot era? Self-upgrading is the answer! Do not get stuck on your skill right now, but do not forget to upgrade yourself with internet and technology knowledge to get more experience.

Augmented Reality?

Augmented reality is a computerized technology to make the working environment becomes as real as possible. AR helps people to create virtual objects of the working environment to know the field better. This is much more efficient than sending people to the area directly. For example, the mining workers are not entirely safe to explore the new mining field all by themselves, so the augmented reality is made to make clear images of the mining field.

The effect of the 4.0 industry environment in society is overall beneficial to us. However, it is essential to prepare ourselves for the change yet to come.

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