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The Pros and Cons of Industry 4.0 Transformation

4.0 Industry Transformation via

Have you ever heard a statement “the rise of the machine?” if yes, you must have understood what it means. It means that nowadays, most works were done by the machine. From the paperwork to the manufacturing works.

Some people say it is an extraordinary growth of technology is somehow has a rather harmful effect on human life. It is said that the machine may entirely replace people for all of the aspects. It is also meaning it may be giving people more problems.

But on the other hand, some people say that it is profitable growth. It will give humans more advantages, especially on how the job can be done more efficiently with a good result. And here are some discussions about the pros and cons of Industry 4.0 transformation. Let’s start!

The Pros of Industry 4.0 Transformation

Just what has discussed above is that those that sided in the proc, and some are in the con side of industry 4.0 transformation. And here, you will be discussing the pros of Industry 4.0 Transformation, there are:

Increasing Productivity

The first thing that getting the right side of the industry 4.0 transformation is the Increasing in productivity. As you know, having a smart machine is proven to make any work easier and efficient to be done.

So, that means that productivity will also be increasing. Before it can be done in a day, with the new era of technology, the work may be done half-day, or maybe even shorter.

Improving Life Quality

Next is the most significant impact that 4.0 Industry Transformation has. It is true that technology also has some part in improving life Quality for people worldwide. How is that work? It is so clear that human life is changing by all of those smart technology.

For example, it is not a common way to do anything through your gadget. And as you already know, that gadget is one of the results from the industry 4.0 Transformation. Just for having your lunch, you may order it through your smartphone apps.

That way, you may use your time to do more work and do anything, such as rest. So, it is clear that it is improving life quality.

Decreasing the entrepreneurship barrier

An entrepreneur is one of the results of industry 4.0 transformation. And with the development of technology, it is also giving a more chance of doing entrepreneurship. It is one of the ways to avoid too much job loss.

And by having all of those apps, websites, and smart technology, it is now even easier to make the entrepreneurship extend farther. And so, the barrier will be decreased.


The Cons of Industry 4.0 Transformation

After discussing the pros of industry 4.0 transformation, here are some cons of industry 4.0 Transformation. Here you are!


You can see that the effect of the industry 4.0 transformation is the imbalance as you know that smart technology is not something cheap. So, you can also say that the one with power, stock, and skill will be the most beneficial.

But, for those who are not that skilled, they have no stock or power left behind. And they may just become the blue-collar workers that use most human power with a low salary. So, it is obvious that this problem will always be ghosting this transformation.

Cyber risk

As it is known that the internet connects everything. So, it is also a high risk that there will be some cybersecurity issues. It is already known that the internet is a vast source to get any data. Most of your data is also saved on the internet. And nowadays, there is a significant risk of leaking data from the internet since more people have a high level of cyber skill.

In the end, it can say that anything always has its pros and cons side. And those are some of the pros and cons of 4.0 industry Transformation. And you already know that the 4.0 industry transformation has a somewhat more pros side for human life quality nowadays.

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